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Eye Treatments

Samantha's Beauty Retreat has specialised in Eyelash Extensions since 2008.

There are many different lengths, thicknesses, curls and styles to suit each individual client.

Whether you choose a more natural look or you like the glamour of Russian Volume,  these lashes will leave you looking beautiful.

Individual eyelash extensions suit any age and are brilliant for holidays, weddings, parties, new mummies and every day wear.

All treatments require a patch test 24-48hrs prior to appointment.

Eyes and Brows
Eyes and Brows


Classic Eyelash Extensions are simple, beautiful natural looking eyelash extensions.

They are applied on a 1:1 ratio which means one extension on one natural lash.

This allows us to achieve an understated, natural enhancement.

Eyelash Implants


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a mixture of Classic eyelashes and Russian eyelashes. 

We can create a wide variety of looks, your desired look will be discussed before we start your treatment.

Eyelash Implants
Makeup Trials


Russian lashes are where a fan of 4 or 5 much finer lashes are applied to each one of your own lashes. This gives you extra fullness, length and curl. Russian lashes will look much thicker and fuller, whereas Classic lashes are usually more natural looking.

If you are going for a more dramatic look then Russian lashes are probably the ones you want to go for.  However like Classic lashes, you can still choose the length, so you still opt for super dramatic or ‘more natural’ looking.  They just won’t look as natural as Classic lashes.

White Sheet
lash prices.png


Full set - £55

2 week infill - £25

3 week infill - £35


Full set - £65

2 week infill - £30

3 week infill - £40

Russian (handmade)

Full set - £75

2 week infill - £40

3 week infill - £50


Full set - £70

2 week infill - £35

3 week infill - £45

Microblading Session

InLei Lash Lift & Filler

Inlei lash filler is a revolutionary new lash lift technology which works gently on the lash hairs to increase thickness, curl and length.
Inlei products have been developed and tested in Italy, using the highest quality ingredients.
They work gently on the hair structure, increasing the thickness of the natural lashes by up to 24%.
There’s no other product on the market that will thicken lashes like Inlei Lash Filler.
Inlei Lash Filler is a perfect treatment for those who have thin Lashes, are taking a break from eyelash extensions, who are unable to have extensions, or those who simply prefer a mascara effect.

Young woman undergoing eyelash lamination and tinting in salon.jpg

Eyelash Extension removal


InLei Lash Lift & Filler



Eyelash Tint

Eyebrow Tint


Eyebrow wax


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