Womb & Fertility Massage 

Specialised Menstrual Heath Expertise

Are you:

Trying to conceive?

On a fertility journey?

Struggling with physical and/or emotional pain from miscarriage or loss?

or perhaps you have:

Painful, heavy, irregular or missing periods

Symptoms of peri/menopause




Dreadful PMT/PMDD

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90 minute Initial consultation £75/60 minutes follow up sessions £65 


Melonie holds a unique and highly qualified role as Healer, Educator and Specialised Menstrual Health Expert.

She is the Author of 'How to Support your Daughter through Puberty - a Practical Guide for Mums'


At the beginning of her career, Melonie spent 15 years in schools developing bespoke, high-quality PSHE and Sex Education. She was commissioned locally and nationally to create cutting edge teaching materials and to train staff. Her passions lie in supporting young people to know who they truly 'are' and how their bodies work, enabling them to make informed choices and to seek help when needed.


Whilst immersed in this work, Melonie was beleaguered by 'incurable' endometriosis (debilitating and painful periods) and when they started to impact on her career she sought respite from the pain. This led Melonie to Clare Spink, creator of Womb and Fertility Massage (TM) amongst other influential women.


As this path opened up to her, Melonie cured her 'incurable' endometriosis and subsequently trained in Womb and Fertility massage and Menstrual Literacy. Here Melonie's passions grew in enabling women and girls to reconnect to their bodies, releasing patterns of pain, shame and blocks to fertility. She has been 'endo free' for the last 6 years. 


Melonie now combines her passions and specialises in transforming women's lives by improving their menstrual experiences, fertility and uterine concerns, reconnecting to their authentic selves as well as providing expert menstrual and puberty support for parents, educators and companies.